Commissioning of control system is part of every project delivery. During this time we look for bugs, but also tune and adjust the production line automation components for the best final product quality.

We have helped out in the past with on-site IO tests execution as subcontractor to system integrators delivering complex systems.


from our realizations

Ketchup and mayo production line roull out - A-Z Libanon (2011)

Example of a food industry production line control. The controller is implemented using PLC Siemens S7 in programming standard S88. The production line visualization was developed using SW InTouch from Wonderware and the reporting server is build on top of a MS SQL server.

Pumping station control system and visualization for gas reservoir Tvrdonice (2018)

System was implemented using DeltaV.

Commissioning of new TetraPak milk processing plant in Palestine (2018-2019)

As a subcontractor to TetraPak we have helped to commission the production line control system. After a week of software standard introduction we have spent several months on debugging and tuning the milk production line. 

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